Innocent or Guilty?

You cannot possibly immerse yourself into the drama of Serial, the Adnan Syed podcast, without forming an opinion of his innocence or guilt. I think a blog post is the perfect medium to share my personal thoughts and views on the subject. You won’t require colorful images or a host of guest speakers (like those found in a podcast) to ascertain my conclusions.

To clearly state my thesis, after listening to the podcast, I concluded that Adnan Syed was innocent unless he can be proven guilty. After doing a little research of my own (after the podcast), I dare say Mr. Syed is guilty in my mind, until he can prove himself innocent.

So let’s go back to the podcast. It had more ups and downs than an amusement park ride. Who was lying, and about what? Were the cellphone records accurate or not? Who had the phone? And my favorite was when you had an alibi that would prove innocence, not embraced by the accused who needed it!

Did anybody actually know what they were doing that day or who they were with? It didn’t seem like it. We couldn’t prove he was at the library (they didn’t keep the paper trail). The video tapes were taped over. The puzzle pieces simply didn’t fit and nothing added up.

Upon conclusion of the podcast, I aligned myself with Sarah and felt that an acquittal was the only option. Nothing else seemed remotely reasonable. I was stunned to learn that a jury had convicted him.

When the podcast ended, I clung to the possibility of DNA testing. I searched for an immediate update on the DNA testing in the hopes that Syed could be closer to his deserving release from prison. How surprised I was to find that he had quietly refused the offer of testing after the podcast ended.

Why would any innocent man do that? There was the hope that he would be found innocent or the unfortunate reality that the DNA sample was no longer viable for comparison. Either one would assist his cause. The only thing that would damage his release (and in fact may interfere with the possibility of early parole) would be if the DNA sample was a match.

He had to have doubt, and for that reason, I think Mr. Syed has been guilty all along!









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