The Serial: Adnan Syed

Sarah Koenig opens the podcast by discussing the challenges of memory. I found this to be fascinating. I never really thought about the fact that when you have nothing to hide, and it is a normal day, you will most like be unable to remember specific facts in great detail. On the other hand, if you have committed a murder, you would more likely be able to remember great detail and perhaps work quite diligently to change or shift the details and events of the day.

Was he guilty? Personally, I felt great sympathy for him because I too could not remember the events, specific to 21 minutes, on a given day over a week ago.

It does linger in one’s mind though. Is he so cunning that he knows exactly how to play the memory loss card, or is he completely innocent?

After Sarah shared the peculiarity surrounding memory, I could not detract myself from the fact that his friend and co-gravedigger Jay, had an incredible memory of the day. Was it Jay that had been the true murderer?

In my research into this case, I found it startling to read that the judge ordered a retrial of the case only 22 hours ago. Perhaps after 17 years, there will finally be some better evidence brought forward.

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