The Importance of English 4U

This is my very own blog for my English 4U course. I look forward to sharing exciting and thoughtful dialogue.

You Never Forget a Feeling

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Should grade 12 University English be a requirement for entry into all university programs?

Mastery of English is essential for success in a university program and as such, grade 12 English should certainly be a requirement for entrance into any program. We have all heard the common defense of “I don’t plan to take English at university”, and although that may be the case for many students, it does not excuse the fact that mastery of the language is needed for all subject areas. The finest way to improve language skills is to study the language, so a grade 12 credit is essential.

Let us (for just a moment) forget about all the academic demands. After all, who can argue that English won’t creep into lab reports in biology, blog posts in cultural studies, media presentations in international development studies, data summaries in accounting submissions, and analysis or exams in physics? Do you really think there is any conceivable way we can escape it?

However, what about course registration, correspondence with faculty, exam guidelines and schedules, or navigating the course calendar?

What about accessing library material, or even more daunting, comprehending it? This essential skill will be a requirement in all courses, not just first year English literature.

English literature isn’t everything. Have people gone before us and had amazing experiences at university without a grade 12 credit? Yes, I am sure they have. They have likely accomplished great things are are wonderful people. They have met new friends, traveled, learned, and enjoyed all that post-secondary has to offer. They have lived rewarding and meaningful lives.

University is a time of excitement; a time to remember. Can we make it through without an extra high school English course? Of course we can, but why not start strong and give ourselves every possible advantage?




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